What is a fine art print? Why should I buy it?

What is the difference between an original painting vs. a print?An original painting is a new work that can be done in many materials. Watercolors, oils, acrylic and many other mediums and It has never existed before. A high quality print is a re-creation of this original and costs a lot less, but is just as beautiful. Archival-prints are museum-quality, fine-art reproductions.Sometimes called giclee prints", these artworks are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art printer, using the very finest archival inks and papers.

Why is art is important to us?

A piece of artwork that appeals to you triggers an emotional response from within. It creates a feeling that is important to you. This response is unique to each person. It could be any subject or color. But, you know it when you see it. The feeling motivates you to act. You want to add this picture to your home, where you can see it often and enjoy it as part of your daily routine. A print allows you to do this at a reasonable price.

Decorating with fine art prints vs a cheap prints or posters.

The new, very expensive printers make recreating an original painting easier than ever. It is
almost impossible to tell the difference between them. If you tell a friend it is a print, they will reach out to touch it. “It feels real”, they’ll say. And, indeed it does. The texture of the surface is the same, the look is the same. These printers are incredible. Now they are using printers to create airplane parts and furniture. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the art they make possible.

Ordering fine art

It is important to take your time when ordering fine art prints. This print was made just for you. That is why we do not take returns. If you have any questions, please call us.

You have two choices. A canvas surface or a paper surface. You’ll need a measuring tape to see what size you need. Take your time, big and impressive, small, illuminating an interesting niche.

Paper prints are easier to order because you have fewer choices. You choose the size you want. When you receive it, you can take it to a framing shop and chose the color and texture of the frame you want.

Canvas is harder to order because you can make more decisions. You may even like to go to a frame shop, show them what you want to order. They can help you choose the look you like and give you the information you need to accurately order the look you want.

There are many creative ways to use canvas:
1. You can stretch it on a frame. If you do this you have to make sure you have enough canvas to cover the sides of the frame. Usually 2”.
2. You can put it in a board and add a regular frame.

Harriet Bigham